Let our Cloud-based army of robots automate your testing!

* Do you want to be the first to know when callers to your business are not getting answered properly?

* Can your telephone system handle the load?

* Is it accepting all inbound calls, every time, and handling them correctly?

* We offer the most cost-effective solution for automated testing of your Call Center and Answering systems!

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Here's how CallsByCloud works:

  1. Create a "Scenario" (the main settings for your test)
  2. Create one or more scripts
    • A script tells CallsByCloud what to press, say, or listen for on a particular phone call
    • It's like having a little robot do all the repetitive phone work for you!
  3. Use your new scenario to run a test (i.e. have CallsByCloud call your Telecom platform)
    • We suggest you try one call first. Listen to our recording of it. Did the test do what you wanted? If not, adjust your script.
    • When you're ready, let the robots loose! Set the scenario up to really stress your Telecom platform (lots of calls, on lots of channels!)
  4. Use our Call Detail Reports to review the results of the tests (including listening to each call!)

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