Try Before You Buy - We Give You $10 of Dial Time to Take a Test Drive

* You do NOT need to pay anything to run a REAL test using CallsByCloud.

* You do NOT need to give us a credit card or other payment.

* All we ask is that you register an account.

* We will then give you $10 of phone-connect time to use for testing.

  • - Use it to send 24 short calls to occupy a new T1 you've added to your voicemail system
  • - or use it to send 10 longer calls to a new IVR application you're working on
  • - or try any other scenario that suits your telecom needs!

Here's how our FREE TRIAL works:

  1. CallsByCloud does NOT charge for using this site. We only charge for connect time.
  2. "Connect time" is the same as for a cellphone or long-distance call. Whenever one of our robots runs a test call for you, if your telecom system (e.g. voicemail) answers, then a test call is "connected" and you will be charged at our normal per-minute rate.
  3. So how much connect time does a typical test use? Well it depends on a number of factors, such as how many calls you place, how many get connected, and how long they stay connected.
  4. We provide you with accurate budgetary estimates for all of your test scripts. Then when you run a test, you can enforce this budget. So there are never any surprises when it comes to charges.
  5. To let you "try before you buy" we will put $10 in your account when you register. Design a test that uses $10 or less of connect time, and our service is completely free.
  6. We hope that the free test(s) you run will convince you that CallsByCloud is a valuable tool in your testing toolkit.
  7. When your free connect-time is used up, you will be asked to pay for additional connect-time when you click to run a new test scenario.

So REGISTER NOW to get our robot army to test your telecom!
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Helpful Hints

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